Special names of the moon phases

We on Earth do not always call the Moon by its phase names. Sometimes we refer to a full Moon as a Harvest Moon. Sometimes a waxing crescent is a young Moon, and we even have blue Moons! So what leads us to... read more

What is a harvest moon?

Regardless of where you live, you no doubt experience pronounced seasons throughout the year. Heat in the summer, cool... read more

What is blue moon?

The number of days between two full Moons is 29.5. This adds up to a little less then a full month. As a result, it is possible for a single... read more

Waxing crescent moon

A young Moon occurs between a new Moon and waxing crescent, when the first slivers of illumination appear. There are no real formulas for determining when this will happen. It depends on several factors. The first is the... read more

Moon and tides

If you live by the shore, you experience the affects of the Moon every day through tides. Tides are the alternating... read more

High and low tides

Highest and lowest tides every year occur when the sun and Moon are aligned. This is because the gravitational... read more

Tide frequency

Tides can be diurnal, meaning that they most commonly occur twice a day. Tides can also be semi-diurnal, meaning... read more

Moon facts

So the Earth and Moon are constantly affecting one another through gravity. In a more personal way however... read more

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