Moon facts

So the Earth and Moon are constantly affecting one another through gravity. In a more personal way however, the Moon has influenced how we on Earth view not only our planet but also the greater cosmos. In addition, we earthlings have interacted directly with the Moon, leading to a number of interesting situations.

The Moon is the only extraterrestrial body to have been visited by humanity. It is also the only foreign body that has had samples taken from it. The first human craft to take pictures from the Moon was the Soviet Luna 3 in October 1959. Nine years earlier, the United States considered detonating a nuclear bomb on the surface of the Moon. This was during the height of the Cold War, and was known as “A study of Lunar Research Flights.” The objective was to show American strength to a Russian adversary.

Besides the numerous samples taken from the Moon, including a rock gifted to every State in the United States, numerous samples were brought to the Moon and then back to Earth. Among these were 400 tree seedlings that accompanied Stuart Roosa on Apollo 14. After returning to Earth, the seeds were germinated, and planted in various sites around the United States.

Though Nasa has suspended trips to the Moon for the past few decades, a new planned trip is scheduled for 2019. As you read about the Moon and those facts provided here, remember that traveling to the Moon is not purely science fiction. Major advancements in avionics, space flight, computing, and mechanics is making future trips easier. When combined with a recent explosion in private businesses eager to go into space, it is important not to forget that even the seemingly improbable can be possible.